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Executive Leadership


Rajesh Kanungo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Rajesh has grown TalaSecure from concept to profitability with a marketable product. He has helped TalaSecure clients to secure contract wins with the NBA, BlackRock, the US Department of Defense, and a broad range of large companies globally.

Before TalaSecure, Rajesh oversaw cybersecurity for Itron where he architected and led risk mitigation for all products and services, including utility smart-grid offerings generating over $20 billion in cumulative revenues.

His Silicon Valley experience includes large companies and startups where he pioneered security strategies protecting employee and product cybersecurity.

Rajesh holds a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from West Virginia University. 

Rajesh holds 36 patents, 20 relating to security.

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Nachiketa Das

Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Nachi Das is an entrepreneur, investor, business leader, and former Wall Street executive, with nearly 30 years of capital markets experience in New York, Asia and Europe.

Nachi started his career developing critical real-time telecom technologies for India’s first digital telecom exchanges.

He has spent the last 25 years in Tokyo, New York, and Europe in global leadership roles in investment, financing, fintech, structuring, risk management, and portfolio management in Lehman Brothers, Barclays, State Street, and fintech startups in the US.

Nachi has an MBA from the International University of Japan (joint with Dartmouth University and the London Business School) and a BE in Electronics Engineering from NIT, Trichy, a top ten engineering institute in India.

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R V Raman

Founder and V.P. Engineering

Raman is responsible for product design and architecture in support of TalaSecure’s sales and marketing activities. Raman is an industry leader in product design with substantial experience across hardware and software lifecycles.

Prior to joining TalaSecure, Raman initiated and led a 400-person team at Justdial which developed segmentation capabilities for India’s largest business listing engine.

Raman also led a team at Sling Media encompassing the majority of the company’s global workforce with a focus on software development while he simultaneously launched sales and marketing in India.

In this role, Raman established local partnership channels and built media exposure across all venues to turn Sling into a household name. Key to Raman’s career were earlier experiences within Philips teaching him to “think like a client.”

Raman holds an MBA from Xavier Institute of Management and a BSEE from Mysore University.

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Josh Schein

Strategic Advisor

Josh is CEO of Global Key Advisors with 25+ years of experience in capital markets and quantitative portfolio management.

Josh developed and ran the InsideTrack® portfolios for Citi Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, and currently Global Key Advisors from 1996 through the present.

Josh holds a JD from the University of Washington and a BA Summa Cum Laude from West Virginia University.

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Harold Lea

Director, Strategy Advisor

Harold has thirty years of experience in finance, energy risk management, and game theory auctions.

Harold has been a CEO or COO of four software companies where he achieved three exits to public companies.

Harold holds an MBA from Kellogg and is a licensed investment banker.

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Riten Banerjee

Business Advisor

Recently led a California-based Global Data & AI firm as Group MD (Global) to be top rated by Tier 1 analysts. Ex KPMG, ADL, Cathay Pacific.

Serial entrepreneur; Digital banking (world’s first digital bank), and applied AI expert.

Harvard Business School, CFA Institute, Xaviers, and Presidency alumnus.

24 years of global advising and execution. Global Standards Boards. Working at the cusp of Business of Technology and Technology of Business. Conscious Capitalist.


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Technical Leadership

Ben Loomis

Founder, Chief Security Architect

Ben was formerly Senior Security Engineer at Itron, responsible for safeguarding 12 million electricity meters. Ben previously managed security for 1+ million set-top boxes at Sling Media/Dish Networks

Saurav Roy

Chief Systems Architect

Saurav is a cloud security architect, SaaS, and PaaS expert with more than 20 years of experience. Saurav was a Senior Architect at H-P R & D, a Software Architect at Philips R & D, and an Associate Director at Parexel Informatics.

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